Terms and Conditions


You have found your way to the Male Model Search pages! Orbis Productions Limited (nudenz.com) is always looking for new amateur male models for our erotic photo shoots. We are after guys to do solo nude shoots, solo masturbation shoots, group masturbation shoots, and couple and group sex stuff. You only do what you are comfortable doing.

Our models are an interesting mix of straight guys, gay guys and guys who will enjoy anything for a few bucks :-) Make no mistake - once you sign our release forms, the photos we take we will sell (if they are good!) and you will have no say over where they go. So make sure you are cool with this before going further!

You must...

  • be 18 or older with ID (passport or licence as ID now required)
  • be cute/hot/interesting
  • be prepared to meet with us before we decide to use you - either in person or via webcam
  • be prepared to come to an audition shoot
  • be prepared to be naked, erect and engage in sexual activity in front of the camera

This Site and Registration

This site is designed as a model recruitment site for Orbis Productions Limited (OPL). By registering on this site (nudenz.com) you are agreeing to be considered for modelling work with OPL. You must be at least 18 years of age to register to this site. You must provide accurate and detailed information on your profile. This information will be used in legal documents if you are selected as a model for OPL. It is illegal to complete the registration on this site for anyone else but yourself.

Important points

Here are a few words about what you are getting into if you want to become a male model for Orbis Productions Limited.

  • If you want to become a politician or public figure in the future - this might not be the best idea!
  • You will be expected to get fully nude and erect for the shoots.
  • If your photos/video are accepted for use, you will have thousands of guys and some women all over the world checking you out.
  • Once you have signed the release form you will have ZERO say in what happens to your photos and video and where they go. You need to be prepared one day to see your naked butt on a billboard for example (not very likely - but who knows...).
  • If you don't have the right form of ID (Government issued driver license or passport) at the photo shoot you will be told to go away and not come back. The ID will be copied/photographed/scanned and held in our records indefinitely. ID information may be made available to content licensors, distributors and legal agencies when required (e.g. 18 USC sec 2257 Records).
  • All auditions are to be completed at the OPL studio in the Waikato (near Hamilton). 

Privacy Policy

Privacy is extremely important to Orbis Productions Limited (OPL). Without the strictest privacy we could not and would not do business. Any and all information provided by you to us will be held in the strictest confidence and will only be used for the purposes of running the OPL business. Personal details will not be passed on to any third party with the exception of legal requirements to make records available as a result of a court order in New Zealand, and to comply with overseas publishing requirements and regulations.

At no time will any details of you or your correspondance with us be held on publically accessable computer systems or will be made available via any other means except as required by law.

Model shoots which are sold by OPL comply with the label requirements of United States law (18 USC §2257). OPL acts as the "custodian of record" as defined by this law and will release this information to the parties named in that law if required to do so by court order. Business associates of OPL dealing with the sale and distribution of OPL photo shoots may from time to time be given access to all or part of this identifying information. Models for OPL acknowledge and accept that information supplied as part of a model shoot, specifically photo ID and model release forms, will be made available, as required by US regulations, to "Secondary Producers" when sold by or through United States sources.

All information is dealt with in accordance with the Privacy Act 1994 and subsequent amendments.

All of your personal details (your profile) on this site are visible only to yourself and the staff of Orbis Productions Limited.