Male Model Search - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are you looking for?
A: Orbis Productions Limited (OPL) is seeking young guys 18 and above (usually 18-25) for erotic photo shoots. We will not take any photos of anyone under 18 without signed parental consent - and they will not be explicit shoots in any case - so please don't go any further unless you're 18. Photo shoots generally work like this: After you have registered and completed your profile here we will decide from the info you have provided whether you are what we are looking for at the time. If you are, we will arrange with you for a time and place to meet for an audition shoot. If you are in the Waikato this will usually be in our studio which is set up specifically for this type of shoot. An audition shoot is usually a fairly short session (1-1.5 hours) where we first go over the Model Release Form and ID requirements and get everything signed up. Then we take a series of photos of you both clothed and nude to see how you react to doing this sort of work in front of a camera. If it's going well we'll probably also ask you to get yourself aroused (if you're not already) and take a few more shots.

If the audition goes well we will probably decide that the photos (and usually video) are commercially usable and we will compensate you for the audition shoot. If it doesn't we will agree that the photos will never be used and we will part company and you will have had an interesting experience! Pretty much all audition sets are useful though - so you're more than likely to get something on the first session. All going well though we may decide to arrange a follow-up session where we can take a lot more photos and try some more interesting poses. In some cases, if you are interested, these sessions can involve one or more of our other available models.

Q: What sort of ID do I need?
A: Good question! New regulations require that the record keeping includes at least one photo ID which is government verifiable in case of an investigation. That means a passport or driver licence for us Kiwis. So for 99% of shoots we require that you bring along your passport or drivers licence. If you don't have a passport or licence - get in touch and let us know so we can discuss options with you.

Q: Do I need a stage name/alias?
A: You don't need to have an alternative name (alias, AKA, stage name, nickname) but it's probably a really good idea if you do. Any stagenames, nicknames or aliases you do have will need to be supplied on the release forms anyway (government regulations require that). But if you don't have one, you might want to think about it before you come along - it's much nicer to see your photos published with a fake name than your own!

Q: Should I shave my (insert body part here)?
A: That's entirely up to you. Some guys feel better about themselves if they shave or trim parts of their bodies, others prefer the natural look - we have a strong preference for those guys who are happy with the way they natrually look. Most of our publishers prefer natural looking pits, crotch and crack (i.e. normal hair). If you are really hot, but shaved or very trimmed, we may ask you to come back when it's grown out.

Q: Who looks at these pictures - is it gay guys?
A: Generally speaking it's mostly guys. (But there are a lot more str8 women out there than gay guys you know - many of them actually do look at guys on the net!)

Q: Do I have to be gay to do this?
A: Of course not. If you are straight and don't want to try a multi-guy shoot, that's no problem at all - in fact the majority of the photo sets are just you alone doing what feels good and a lot of our models are straight too.

Q: How much do you pay?
A: That depends on the shoot specifics. In some cases we work on a TFP (trade for pics) basis where you can get a set of digital images for your own use. For paid shoots we will discuss the amounts after we have met you and discussed what you will do. But it all depends on your experience, what's popular and what we get pics of.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: If you are getting paid for your shoot at the conclusion of the shoot you will have a business cheque written out for you and you will be asked to sign two copies of the "Schedule of Fees" form (one of which you keep) which sets out what the shoot was and how much you got paid. Cash is rarely used in this industry. Electronic payment is also good so bring along your account number if you like. Naturally IRD witholding tax forms must also be completed when there is a payment made - please bring your IRD number with you!

Q: When you say "aroused" what exactly do you mean?
A: We mean we need to see an erection at the audition shoot - and depending on how things go, we might need to see what comes next... (see moneyshot question below).

Q: OK - so how am I supposed to get "aroused"? ... I'm sort of shy to start with.
A: We have a selection of materials (porn!)which will suit 99% of guys tastes which help pretty fast with that if needed.

Q: Does it matter if I'm cut / uncut / tall / short / white / tan / Māori / polynesian / skinny / built ...?
A: No. So long as you are 18+ and are not generally considered repulsive :-) then we are interested!

Q: I have a pierced xxx and a tattoo of xxx on my xxx. Is that a problem?
A: Body adornments are fine. Depending what it is - we might even make it a highlighted part of your shoot (i.e. closeups of the nipple ring, butt tat, etc).

Q: I know it's an odd question, but what should I wear to the audition/photo shoot?
A: It's actually a good question! We like to have a range of looks in our models (that's why one of the questions in the form is about your look/style). For the audition we want you to come dressed as you normally would be if you were out and about in town. For later shoots we might have special requests or supply clothes. Key thing is to wear loose fitting clothes before the shoot (at least 2 hours) so there are no marks left by tight clothes on your body.

Q: How do I know you are not a freak who want's to do nasty things to me?
A: You don't until we have met. I recommend that in all cases we arrange a meeting in a public place first.

Q: Do you use make-up in your photo shoots?
A: Very rarely, but we do sometimes if there is a need to cover blemishes or to tone your skin. Don't worry about tan lines though - they are just fine.

Q: Can I bring my girlfriend / boyfriend along?
A: No. We run closed sets, that means model(s) and production staff only.

Q: How many people will be there? I don't think I can do it in front of lots of people...
A: At the audition there will be you, the still photographer, and occassionally the video camera operator or assistant. Usually just you and the still photographer and assitant depending where the shoot is.

Q: I've never "played with myself" in front of another guy before, won't it mean I'm kinda gay if I do this?
A: Well, no it won't (unless you are gay of course!). But if you feel that uncomfortable about it, then we suggest you give it a miss.

Q: Where do you sell the pics you take of me?
A: That really depends on the style and quality of the set. In some cases they are sold to pay web sites through an adult image brokerage. The aim of this is to minimise free web exposure of the images and maintain the exclusiveness of the photo sets - therefore retaining their value to web masters. In other cases some select images may be used to add to the OPL portfolio and not sold at all.

Q: What's a "moneyshot"?
A: As the name implies, it's a shot that if captured - means you will get more money. Basically it's us capturing you coming (cumming) in our stills and/or video.