About Us


Orbis Productions Limited (OPL) is a New Zealand company that is looking for attractive athletic men between the ages of 18 and 30 who have an interest in appearing in erotic/adult entertainment productions. We are looking for guys who are happy to appear either alone, or with others. Models are paid competitively and travel expenses are subsidized. We do not need our models to have prior experience.

You do have to be at least 18 and have government issued ID that we will take copies of when you model with us. Appropriate ID is a driver license or passport.

We are interested in working with men who are attractive and interesting. Each potential model will be evaluated on an individual basis. Potential models with natural body hair are given priority - our customers prefer natural looking guys.

If we think we might be able to work with you - we'll arrange a video meeting with you prior to booking. This is a requirement.

OPL does not discriminate based on race, marital status, ethnicity, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. We do however limit our model search to males aged between 18 and 30ish.

The work itself

The FAQ pages have a lot of good information on the types of things we do in a shoot - check it out. All of our sessions happen either in our relaxed countryside studio, or on location in the field (sometimes literally IN A FIELD!). Most models do their first work with us doing a solo masturbation scene. Then, depending on the models interests and abilities, we may offer further work that is usually male-male sex scenes. None of our models are ever asked to do anything they are not totally comfortable with doing. All of our models need to be comfortable getting and keeping an erection around other models and studio staff. If you are asked to do a male-male scene, and are interested, you need to be comfortable with mutual touching. All models who do any work with other models need to have current STI screening panels (tests for sexually transmitted infections).


We don't talk about pay until we have reviewed a candidates profile, selected it for processing, and completed a video (webcam) interview (or met in person if that's not too hard) and then decided to offer a role. What a model is happy to do in a session is a big factor in compensation. All models are expected to complete the shoot in order to be paid.


We like to do most of our work in summer. This is because it's often the best time to get hold of models, and also it's a great time to do outdoor work (one of our specialties). We are happy to do shoots on weekends. Each session typically takes a day, not including travel time.


If you are selected, we will help arrange travel for you and local transportation to our facilities in Te Miro, Waipa (near Hamilton and Cambridge).

Our commitment to you as a model

We maintain the highest level of professionalism when working with potential and hired models. 
We will not put you into any situation that compromises your personal space, comfort level, or safety. 
We do not collect any fees or compensation from potential models at any time during the process. 
We only work with studio staff and photographers with these same standards. 
We will only recruit models who are of legal age (age 18 or above). 
We will not share your submission with any external entity without your explicit consent.
We will honor our Privacy Policy at all times (see Terms and Conditions page for details).